City of Brentwood Map Room


We make no claims to the accuracy of this information at this time. Information presented here should be verified before using it.

The parcel information was acquired from the Contra Costa County in January 2007.

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Toolbar Description:

Zoom All Zooms to full extents of the page being viewed.
Zoom In Draw a box around a specific area to zoom in on.
Zoom Out Zooms out as far as possible.
Pan Button Select this icon and click on the map, drag to view different areas around the map.
Find Button Generates a query form. This allows the user to search on a number of different themes in the map.
Buffer Button Use this button to create and view a buffer around a selected portion of the map. Thickness, fill, edge, distance, and background can all be adjusted within the buffer.
Select Button After a buffer has been created, make the buffer active by clicking on it. Then choose the "Select" button and select the desired features like parcel and centerline information as seen below. This will highlight all the necessary features within the buffer. When the selection is made the "OK" button will highlight and when selected the items on the map will become highlighted.
Report Button Click an object on the map then click this button to view details about the object selected. With the use of this function, a simple report can be easily generated. The report can contain information about any selected entity on the map. After a buffer has been selected, utilize the "Report" button to generate the appropriate report. If there is a choice of two different kinds of reports, select the proper one and then proceed to generate it by selecting the "OK" button.
Print Button Select this button to print a map window. The printed map will contain a heading, the scale of the map, a north arrow, the time and date printed, and a legend containing useful information about the map.